Tuesday, 6 May 2014

T. Taylor & Sons, Isleworth

As ironmonger T. Taylor & Sons is still in business, this cannot be considered as a ghost sign but the slightly fading colours and the elegant typeface used for the firm's name give this painted sign a certain character.

Tele: 01
560 4946
T. Taylor & Sons

01 was the area code for London between 1959 and 1990.

Location: The Pavement

Saturday, 3 May 2014

John C. Mather, Islington

Builder and decorator John Cameron Mather was in business between c. 1906 and 1941. He lived in Alwyne Villas and this ghost sign marked the entrance to his yard.

The address given in business directories is that of his offices, which were located nearby at 38 Nothampthon Street.

John C. Mather
Builder & Decorator
Plumber Gas & Hot Water Fitter
Sanitary Work a Speciality

Location: Alwyne Villas

Friday, 2 May 2014

The Recorder of Edmonton, Edmonton

I doubt this shop by the name of The Recorder of Edmonton broke any record as there is no trace of it on the web, neither by name nor address (325 Fore Street). The design of this ghost sign would suggest it was painted after the Second World War. By the late 1970s though, hi-fi equipment dealer Teleradio had moved into these premises.

Power ...ts
Motor ...es

Location: Fore Street

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Leche y yogurt, Sancti Spiritus

Following yesterday's post, here is another typical painted sign for one of Cuba's food outlets. If counter number 27 is open both mornings and afternoons, those wanting some milk and yogurt should arrive there early!

Location: Calle Plácido, Sancti Spiritus

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Mercado comunitario Mariana Grajales, Sancti Spitirus

In a back street of the historic centre of Sancti Spiritus, the capital of the namesake province in central Cuba, this little painted sign marks the entrance to a small community market named after Mariana Grajales, an icon of women's struggle and of the fight against slavery and for the island's independence.

Mariana Grajales
de 11.00 am a 1.30 pm

Location: Calle Plácido (?), Sancti Spiritus

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Carter Paterson & Co, Brixton

Carrier company Carter Paterson was founded in 1860 by Walter Carter, John Paterson James Paterson, and Robert Paterson. It adopted the name Carter Paterson & Co on January 1, 1869 and in 1887, it became a limited company. Its head office was located at 128 Goswell Road, EC1. Like other leading carriers, Carter Paterson & Co worked closely with the railways. In October 1933 the Big Four railway companies (Southern Railway; Great Western Railway; London, Midland & Scottish Railway; and London & North Eastern Railway) took control in equal shares of Carter Paterson & Co Ltd. The company then operated as a subsidiary of another carrier the Big Four had bought at the same time, the Hay's Wharf Cartage Company Ltd. Following the nationalisation of railways in 1948, Carter Paterson was absorbed into British Road Services.

In the late 19th century Carter Paterson was the country's largest carrier, with more than 2,000 horses in its 20 London depots. One such depot was in Mandrell Road in Brixton. The company acquired the premises, which included stables and several buildings, in 1901. These were largely rebuilt and enlarged in 1904 to meet growing demand for the company's services in the area.

CP & Co
Brixton Depot

The same text was painted twice. The original sign used a slightly larger typeface.

In 1948 the depot became the property of British Road Services but it seems BRS closed it a few years later. The property was then purchased by Danish brewing company Tuborg (see yesterday's ghost sign).

Some information about carriers in the late 19th century and their horses can be found in Chapter 3 of The Horse-World of London by W. J. Gordon, published in 1893 (the paragraphs about Carter Paterson are after the third illustration).

In 1983 a large mural, which appropriately includes horses, was painted by Jane Gifford, Ruth Blench, Mick Harrison and Caroline Thorpe. Sadly its future, and that of the Carter Paterson ghost sign, now seems uncertain as a developer has applied to build nine apartments on the site of the former depot.

Location: Mauleverer Road

Monday, 28 April 2014

Tuborg lager, Brixton

Even if brewing company Tuborg moved out of its premises in Brixton more than 30 years ago, the sign on the wall looks amazingly fresh.

Location: Mandrell Road